Brooke Burns Career and Philanthropy Facts

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Brooke Burns is an American actress and former fashion model, who began her career on the popular TV series Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke Burns was born in Dallas, Texas and she was a ballet dancer for twelve years during childhood and started modeling at age fifteen after tearing her anterior cruciate ligament in a ski accident.

Brooke Burns made her debut in the all time famous TV series Baywatch, and was cast from 1998 to 2001 as the character Jessie Owens. After Baywatch, Brooke Burns starred in North Shore, a prime time soap opera on Fox, that consisted of 21 episodes which ran from June 14, 2004, until January 13, 2005. In 2006, she starred in the WB series Pepper Dennis, playing Kathy Dinkle. Brooke Burns also appeared on Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me, Drop Dead Diva, CSI Miami, and Average Joe. She has also appeared on the covers of famous magazines, such as Maxim, Stuff and Smoke.

Aside from her movie career, Brooke Burns is also involved in many philanthropic organizations. While filming Baywatch, she was involved with Camp Baywatch, teaching inner city children to swim, and perform life guard duties. Brooke Burns has mentored for Penny Lane, a home for abused children. She has been involved with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Brooke Burns is actively involved in, and was honored by the Life Rolls on Foundation started by Josh and Jesse Billaur. LRO helps people with spinal cord injuries get back into an active lifestyle. Brooke Burns is also the representative of Give Back a Smile, a program in which dentists donate their time and expertise to restore the smiles of women who are victims of domestic violence.

Brooke Burns is not the kind of actress that would get involved in all kinds of conflicts, abuse drugs or expose herself in indecent circumstances. She is a family woman, who takes care of her children and husband and a wonderful philanthropic person. We will certainly hear more from Brooke Burns, both as an actress and as a people’s person.

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