Brooke Burns Personal Life

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Brooke Burns is a very talented actress and a beautiful fashion model. Brooke Burns surely is very popular also for her philanthropy work and the numerous charity projects in which she was involved, aiming to help the ones in need. The star was born on March 16, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, United States. Brooke Burns began modeling at the age of fifteenth, although she studied ballet for more than 12 years.

She begin her career in the entertainment industry in 1996. That was the moment was she was cast in the famous television series, Baywatch. Between 1998 and 2001, Brooke Burns interpreted Jessie Owens in the famous television series. And her acting skills were so much appreciated that soon she was cast in new acting projects. Some of the most notable appearances of the star include movies and television series such as Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me!, Drop Deal Diva, but also To Tell the Truth and Melrose Place. Well, a very important event that has affected Brooke Burns career and also personal life is linked to a skiing accident, tearing her anterior cruciate ligament. Although this skiing accident took place when Brooke Burns was only a teen, the star has had the bad luck to have to recover from another serious injury. Unfortunately, an accident involving the star took place in November 2005, when Brooke Burns broke her neck, this time in a car crash. Luckily, the actress has been able to fully recover after the tragic event.

Brooke Burns married Julian McMahon in 1999. Still, the union between the two could not last for long, so the couple split in 2001. They have a daughter together, Madison Elizabeth, whom the couple welcomed in June 2000. After her failed marriage, Brooke Burns dated famous actor Bruce Willis. In fact, the two got engaged, but it looks like Willis was not the one either. The couple split after only 10 months of dating, back in 2004. Now, Brooke Burns is engaged to Gavin O’Connor and it seems that the two are a very happy couple.

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