Brooke Burns in Television Series

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Although the part that made her famous was the one in Baywatch, Brooke Burns had major roles in other television shows as well. Throughout her career so far, the actress had numerous encounters with the television world, either in series or in television movies. In addition to these, Brooke Burns played in big screen movies, which brought her even more recognition and appreciation. Through the roles interpreted, Brooke Burns showed that she has many acting skills and that she can do a lot more than just be the model type of actress, playing parts like the one in Baywatch. Brooke Burns was and is one of the key actress in the domain of television series, playing very different parts and carrying them all out successfully. With a large fan base, the actress is still moving in the industry gaining more roles and appearances. 

Although the part of Jessie Owens, in Baywatch, was the one to take her further along her career, there have been other apparitions that are also worth mentioning. The first television appearance featuring Brooke Burns was in 1996, in Out of the Blue, in which she played the role of Peg. The year 1997, brought her two more smaller roles in highly appreciated series. These were in Conan the Adventurer and in Ally McBeal. From the year 1998 and until 2001, Brooke Burns was one of the members of the amazing cast on Baywatch. The following period came with episodic appearances for Brooke Burns, as follows: Mortal Kombat: Conquest (as Lori, in 1999), Men, Women and Dogs (as Kristle, in 2002), A Nero Wolfe Mystery (as Beatrice Epps, in 2002). In the period 2002-2003, she was the host of the Dog Eat Dog show and a model in Just Shoot Me!. In the following years, even more roles and appearances came in the way of Brooke Burns, such as: Nicki Shields in She Spies, Erin Rimsing in Rock Me Baby, Nicole Booth in North Shore, Angelica in Modern Men, Kathy Dinkle Williams in Pepper Dennis, Lisa Germain in Miss Guided, Christy Talbot in Drop Dead Diva and Vanessa Mancini in Melrose Place.

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