Things to Know About Brooke Burns

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After pursuing a modelling career, Brooke Burns found her niche on television, appearing in minor roles on shows such as A Nero Wolfe Mystery and Ally McBeal . While looking at Brooke Burns, many men state that the word blonde bombshell comes to mind. Brooke Burns has the measurements and features that hardly need explanation. Every inch of her body is hot. After the dreams of her becoming a ballet dancer were shattered with an unfortunate injury, Brooke Burns focused her attention on her natural talents, modelling and acting. The first appearances of Brooke Burns on anything of significance were in advertisements for Mug Root Beer and Carrows Restaurants. Out of the Blue, filmed in Orlando Florida, was the actual show in which Brooke Burns appeared as a regular.

The show was not that successful, therefore Brooke Burns decided that a shift in career is necessary. Brooke Burns moved quickly to the West Coast and soon after auditioned for a role on Baywatch. The show was one of the highest rated television shows in history. Brooke Burns was called by the producers and was cast in Baywatch as Jessie Owens. This was her big break in the television industry. Brooke Burns went on a successful path, with appearances in A Nero Wolfe Mystery and the 2001 film, Shallow Hall. Burns continues to add an impressive resume with her current gig as host of Dog Eat Dog, a game show that blends physical and mental challenges.

Unfortunately, a serious ski accident stopped Brooke Burns from achieving her dreams in their tracks. However, Brooke Burns was unable to perform the flexible moves needed to become a top tier dancer. The mother of Brooke Burns was more than convinced about her daughter’s talents, thereby she sent Brooke to do some modelling as a back up plan. At 16 years old, Brooke Burns began to appear on the cover of many famous magazines and was featured in many modelling shows. In high school, Brooke Burns was already a recognisable face.

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