Brooke Burns Beauty And Fame

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Brooke Burns is an American actress and former fashion model born March 16, 1978, being known mainly for her role in Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke was born in Dallas, Texas and before becoming an actress, she was a ballet dancer for twelve years and when she was fifteen, she started modelling. Soon, when Brooke was sixteen, she and her family moved to various cities such as Paris, Munich and Milan. Her filmography  includes Undercover Bridesmaid, Titanic II, Melrose Place, Borderline Murder, as well as Fixing Pete, Drop Dead Diva, CSI: Miami, Dancing Trees, Miss Guided, Trail By Fire and many others. Nonetheless, she became successful after she starred in Baywatch as the character Jessie Owens.

Burns was married to Julian McMahon from 1999 to 2001 and they have a daughter named Madison Elisabeth McMahon who was born in 2000. Brooke was also engaged to Bruce Willis, but the couple broke up in 2004 and today, Burns is engaged to Gavin O’Connor. She was voted number 31 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 in 2005. In the same year, she suffered a severe injury when she broke her neck in a diving accident and after that, she needed a titanium fusion.

Brooke Burns is one of the most famous, beautiful and worldwide known women. She is also very charming and has a great body, so men are crazy about her. It seems that now she makes a comeback, playing the role of Rebecca Romijn, a character in the new WB show Pepper Dennis. Although she suffered a severe damage that endangered her life, Brooke Burns is now safe and also a great mother for her daughter. Due to her great look and fame, the actress appeared in many commercials, the most popular being for Mug Root Beer and Carrows Restaurants. Additionally, she acted in films such as A Nero Wolfe Mystery, Shallow Hall, Dog Eat Dog, the latter being a game show. Throughout time, her career developed and now Burns is one of the most famous women on earth. Moreover, she is also considered very sexy and has thousands of fans all around the world. At present, she focuses mainly on her career and daughter, a love relationship being in the second place.

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Brooke Burns Career Development

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Brooke Burns is a famous American actress and model who was born March 16, 1978. She started to become famous on the Baywatch series and Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke has two sisters and before being an actress, she took ballet lessons. At age fifteen, she started to be a model and when she was 16, Brooke and her family moved to Europe, so she lived in various places such as Paris, Munich and Milan. She is considered one of the most beautiful women on earth, having a great body and that irresistible winning attitude. She also acted in the North Shore, but she also had minor roles in Ally McBeal, as well as A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Nonetheless, her career started to be more successful after she appeared in many commercials, the most known being those for Carrows Restaurants and Mug Root Beer.

Out of the Blue is the show that made Brooke a worldwide known celebrity. Later, she acted in Shallow Hall and is also a host of Dog Eat Dog, which is a popular game show. Although dreamed to become a dancer, a ski accident made it impossible, so a career shift was necessary and modelling was her choice as the had the body and the attitude.

When she was only 16, Brooke Burns was on the cover of many famous magazines, something that many girls can only dream of, so she grew up in the fashion world, surrounded by many celebrities and fashion designers. When she was in high school, Brooke Burns was already famous, so it’s incredible how many wonderful things she was able to do at an early age. Related to her personal life, the actress was married to Julian McMachon. They have a daughter named Madison Elizabeth McMahon, born in 2000. She was also engaged to Bruce Willis, but in 2004, they split and now she is engaged to Gavin O’Connor. Burns was involved in many charity works and events, trying to help kids. As a result, she was honored by the Life Rolls On Foundation. The actress is also a spokesperson for Give Back A Smile, an important program in which abused women receive dental care and expertise. 

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