Brooke Burns: Personal Life

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Brooke Burns is a famous American actress. The star is also known as a fashion model, Brooke impressing with both her beauty and her ability to act and deliver great stage performances. Brooke Burns became widely known thanks to her role in Baywatch. She also starred in Baywatch Hawaii, but throughout the years Brooke was cast in numerous other films and television series. With each performance, the beautiful star proved to be a great actress, so there is no wonder after all that she is so much appreciated today.

Brooke Burns was born in Dallas, Texas. She has two sisters. Brooke first studied dancing. She has been a ballet dancer for 12 years during her childhood. At the age of 15 Brooke decided to try her luck with modeling. The star and her family moved to Europe, so Brooke has lived in many European cities during this period of time, including Paris, Milan and Munich.


In 1999 the beautiful star married Julian McMahon. Even though the two seemed to be a perfect couple, they separated in 2001. Brooke and Julian had one child together, a daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon. Madison was born in June 2000. After the split from Julian, Brooke dated famous actor Bruce Willis. The two have actually been engaged between 2003 and 2004. After a relationship that lasted 10 months, Brooke and Bruce separated. The event took place in 2004.

However, in 2005 a tragic event occurred in Brooke’s life. Unfortunately, the actress broke her neck in a driving accident. Luckily, she made a full recovery and is doing fine now.


Currently, Brooke Burns is living in Los Angeles. The beautiful actress is engaged to film director Gavin O’Connor. They surely seem to be an amazingly happy couple and it looks like this time Brooke has really found her better half. If Brooke and Gavin will decide to wed in the near future or not is something we will surely find out.

Brooke Burns has always been a talented actress. And one of the main things that should be much appreciated when referring to this star is her ability to remain focused on her work, while staying away of all scandals. She is involved in various philanthropy and charity projects, Brooke proving to be really committed in helping the ones in need.

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