Brooke Burns’ 2010 & 2011 Projects

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Hair Battle Spectacular

What do you get when you pit ten of the best hair stylists in America against each other? The answer is Hair Battle Spectacular. Brooke was the host of Season One of this eight episode competition on Oxygen. The popularity of this show lead to Oxygen renewing it for a second season.

Melrose Place

Burns played Vanessa Mancini on eight episodes of Melrose Place. Other popular cast members of the new version of this show include Ashlee Simpson and Heather Locklear.

You Deserve It

Brooke and Chris Harrison will co-host this ABC quiz show. It comes from the same creator as the smash hit Deal or No Deal. What sets this show apart from others is it has a charitable angle. Contestants on this show will compete to win as much as possible for someone they know is in need of financial help.

Titanic II

Burns played Kim Patterson in this 2010 movie. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t a movie she will bring up when she’s discussing future projects. The reason is it has been given a 1.9 on IMDB by just under 3,000 voters. The movie’s YouTube trailer has also been disliked over 7,000 times.

Anyone who is familiar with the movie’s production company shouldn’t be surprised by its lack of quality. This company is also responsible for Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Sex Pot and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

The Clinic and Fixing Pete

Brooke Burns has lead roles in both of these upcoming 2011 movies. She will play Abbey in The Clinic and Ashley in Fixing Pete.

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