From Baywatch to movie star

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Brooke Burns was involved with Camp Baywatch while filming the Baywatch series. Brooke was involved with teaching the inner city kids to swim and how to perform life guard duties. It was in 1992 that Greg Bonann, the creator of the television series Baywatch and his friend Richard Mark first talked about having a Baywatch related camp. Tai Collins, a freelance writer asked Bonann if he was serious about running the summer camp. He admitted to Tai Collins that with the pressures of executive producing and directing the Baywatch series that he would not have the time to help develop the summer camp idea.

Tai Collins having a background in mission work and after school programs was able to offer her expertise. Ms Collins was already working with children from the Chernow house homeless shelter. It was her idea to make the camp for the homeless and inner city youth. Tai felt that they were the ones who would benefit the most from a summer camp experience. Some of these children lived in poverty and had gang influences and suffered from violence. A Baywatch themed summer camp would give them the opportunity to develop and discover their dreams. The summer camp would give the children the chance to experience the beach and the fresh air; it would provide for them a wonderful place just to run. They were to be given the opportunity to learn to swim, how to be water safe and to be able to learn CPR. Brooke gave of her time to help the children learn to swim and to know about water safety and life guard duties.

Pepperdine University became the home of the first annual week long camp. They were able to offer programs that started from kindergarten age right up to college age children. The camps made a real difference to the young people involved. They inspired the children to develop their dreams and used sports and positive role models to help develop positive reinforcement. The programs went so far as to offer college scholarships and life skills through jobs. When the Baywatch series ended the foundation took on a new name; A Chance for Children Foundation.

Brooke Burns has been a mentor for Penny Lane, which is a home for abused children. She is also involved with the Life Rolls On Foundation and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Brooke is also the spokesperson for the Give Back a Smile program in which dentists donate their time and expertise to give back the smiles of women who are the victims of domestic violence.

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