Brooke makes a splash in Hollywood

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These days it pays to be diverse in your career just in case something goes wrong in one side of your working life. the celebrities that we see each day know this to be true because places like Hollywood chew up and spit out thousands of people each year in a very cold manner if these people are not up to scratch in the public eye. Brooke burns is one of these many celebrities however her career is still going strong although she is one of the many celebrities who has chosen to pursue several career objectives. Not only is Brooke a top model from years ago but her good looks sprung her into action in the Hollywood and TV scene after she was asked to play one of the characters on the much loved Baywatch series. Her popularity and good acting on the show gave her the opportunity to go a little further with her acting career after the Baywatch series came to a hold which then moved to the Baywatch Hawaii series. A main character on the show Brooke eventually moved on to be one on the more remembered actresses along with Pamela Anderson.

Even though Brooke did not actually play the role of Vicky Vale on the hit movie Batman she was in fact the cover girl on several of the ads that advertised the movie and post movie productions. This was an interesting career move for Brooke Burns which not only gave her a leg up into a brighter future but moved her from the TV actress stereo type to one of an all round actress. Movies are always the next thing for a television actress to move up to however there limited roles and many hundreds of talented actresses are trying out for the parts. The fact that Brooke secured a place in several movies during her ongoing career says that she has great talent and that people everywhere think she has what it takes to be one of our favorite celebrities.

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