Brooke Burns – Career and Life

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Brooke Elizabeth Burns is a musician as well as was a former model. She was born 16th  March, 1978. By age twelve she was a ballet dancer a feat which was ended after she had a skiing accident. After this, Burns commenced her modeling career at the age of fifteen years, by the age of sixteen she was a successful model featured in a variety of American and European fashion magazines.

brooke burns

Before her acting career her first TV appearance was through some adverts she did. These were;  Carrows restaurants advert as well as Mug Root Beer advert to name a few. In 1998 to 2001 she stared in Baywatch and acted as Jessie Owens, a role which made her as famous. From then on, she appeared in a prime-time soap opera on Fox called the North Shore, it contained 21 episodes. Her extraordinarily superb looks along with acting talent made an impression on a variety of producers who as a result, called her in for auditions for roles in a number of movies, series’ and so forth. In her career she has received a couple of praises for her stunning looks, for example she was named the #31 hottest woman in the Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 in 2005.

brooke burns

Additional talents that Brooke is gifted in, apart from ballet dancing are; acting, modeling, as well as swimming. She is an exceptional swimmer taught by her father who was a professional swimmer. She has, in the past, been involved in a swimming accident at her home when she was diving and hit the pool. She broke her neck and was found by her friend who was a former firefighter who steadied her neck and called an ambulance. Presently, her neck has titanium fusion in form of a plate rod and on top of that; ten screws.

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