Brooke Burns divorce

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There is a lot to be said about some of the great actors and actresses like Brook Burns who even though they do not ask to be a part of the tabloids, they often get their stories on personal life published whether it is fact or not. Brook burns was married to Julian McMahon for two years in 1999 through to 2001 however this marriage like many other American marriages ended in a divorce. Even though this marriage ended as suddenly as it appeared to start there was one good thing that came out of it which was their daughter, Madison McMahon.

Brooks has had a long and very lucrative career with not only TV series parts but also parts in movies since 2001. Shallow Hal was one of her first movies unless you included the Baywatch series that did have movie length episodes. Single White Female 2 was another successful movie and gave her a bog name in movies on screen. After these two movies her movie screening started to drop a few notches in popularity to sequels or B rated movies.

For TV series Brook Burns has been going strong since 1996 at the beginning of her career in the series called Out of the Blue. This series lasted for 22 episodes while the more famous series of Baywatch had Brook appear in 46 episodes out of the several years that the series ran. North Shore was another series that lasted for more than 20 episodes however many other programs like Just Shoot Me or Modern Men gave her single episodes as a guest star.

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