Brooke Burns

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Most of us will remember Brooke Burns from the Baywatch series which she starred in during the late 1990s. She was a beautiful lady to have on the team with all the other model life guards in the Baywatch team which meant that she fitted in right away and instantly got her own fan club. Who would know that Brooke is going to be 32 this year since she was born in 1978? Still looking young and fantastic her career has been going smoothly with quite a few events to mention along the way. Burns is an all American girl who was born in Dallas Texas and raised as an American woman. One of her goals in life was to be a great skier however after falling and hurting herself rather badly she had to look for another avenue which was to end up being a model and actress. Her modeling career when very well because of the natural all American look that she had as well as not being the stereotype blonde American which also would have given her an advantage.

Jessie Owens was her character in Baywatch which lasted for about 4 years which was right after she appeared in the Ali McBeal TV series. After Baywatch was over she also did a few one of series like Mortal Combat and Rock me Baby which were not much for her to do in such a long break however her modeling and general celebrity status lead her to quite a few other things to do. For two years Brooke played a lead role in a longer running series called North Shore and then later got into a few TV movies which were movies that only came out on television. Trophy Wife, Time and Again plus Mistresses were all good TV movies which she appeared in and are still playing every so often on certain channels. Single White Female is one of her more famous roles which were another movie that did not make it the big screen but did go straight to DVD. If you like to watch Brooke Burns acting then Single White Female would be the best movie to go see her in which is also a great thriller and fantastic movie.

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