Brooke Burns Career and Philanthropy Facts

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Brooke Burns is an American actress and former fashion model, who began her career on the popular TV series Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke Burns was born in Dallas, Texas and she was a ballet dancer for twelve years during childhood and started modeling at age fifteen after tearing her anterior cruciate ligament in a ski accident.

Brooke Burns made her debut in the all time famous TV series Baywatch, and was cast from 1998 to 2001 as the character Jessie Owens. After Baywatch, Brooke Burns starred in North Shore, a prime time soap opera on Fox, that consisted of 21 episodes which ran from June 14, 2004, until January 13, 2005. In 2006, she starred in the WB series Pepper Dennis, playing Kathy Dinkle. Brooke Burns also appeared on Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me, Drop Dead Diva, CSI Miami, and Average Joe. She has also appeared on the covers of famous magazines, such as Maxim, Stuff and Smoke.

Aside from her movie career, Brooke Burns is also involved in many philanthropic organizations. While filming Baywatch, she was involved with Camp Baywatch, teaching inner city children to swim, and perform life guard duties. Brooke Burns has mentored for Penny Lane, a home for abused children. She has been involved with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Brooke Burns is actively involved in, and was honored by the Life Rolls on Foundation started by Josh and Jesse Billaur. LRO helps people with spinal cord injuries get back into an active lifestyle. Brooke Burns is also the representative of Give Back a Smile, a program in which dentists donate their time and expertise to restore the smiles of women who are victims of domestic violence.

Brooke Burns is not the kind of actress that would get involved in all kinds of conflicts, abuse drugs or expose herself in indecent circumstances. She is a family woman, who takes care of her children and husband and a wonderful philanthropic person. We will certainly hear more from Brooke Burns, both as an actress and as a people’s person.

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Brooke Burns Success

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Born on March 16, 1798, Brooke Burns was a former model and a popular actress.  Brooke Burns is one of my favorite celebrities due to her multiple talents and due to the way she invested her time in career. For those who still do not know, Brooke Burns was a ballet dancer at first. Later, her skiing accident made her huge problems, so she could not do that anymore. The next step in her life was modeling. As Brooke Burns is very beautiful and has a great body, she was very appreciated for her physical qualities, but not only because Brooke Burns has also a sexy and confiding attitude that catches your eye immediately. One of her famous roles that made her very famous was that from Baywatch. It was also an opportunity to show her body while wearing swimsuit and that made men crazy about her shapes. From 2004 to 2005, she had a role in soap opera Shore, that also contributed to her successful career.

Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me!, Out of the Blue, were a few of the films she acted in. Besides, she also acted in To Tell the Truth, Death to the Supermodels and Average Joe: Hawaii, so Brooke Burns was getting more and more known. These several films maintained her fame after Baywatch was over, so it was a wise move to do that and do not wait in vain to offer her a role. Mortal Combat and Rock me Baby, as well as Batman are other films that contributed to her career and launched her in the spotlight, but also her career.

Brooke Burns is a very well known figure already, not only for her great body, but also for her talent and the positive reviews that she received after playing in these films. She is not one of those celebrities that is on the first tabloids page because she was drunk or had an affair. On the contrary, Brooke Burns is a discrete person that is busy with her personal life and career, letting scandals aside. Her successful career and fame are not the result of scandals and rumors.

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Brooke Burns Filmography

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Brooke Burns, on her full name Brooke Elizabeth Burns, was born on March 16, 1978 in the United States of America. She is a famous actress and a former model. Her career started with her role in Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke Burns was married to Julian McMahon for two years, since 1999 to 2001 and they have together a daughter named Madison Elizabeth McMahon. Although in present, Brooke Burns left the spotlight, her film career is rich and the character Jessie Owens of the Baywatch series was only the beginning of her acting gigs.

Brooke Burns has film and also television roles. The film roles begin in 2001 with Shallow Hall, her role being Pretty/Ugly Katrina. After a break, Brooke Burns reprized three roles in 2005 – Tami in The Salon, Jan Lambert in Single White Female 2: The Psycho, a film that went directly to DVD and another one that went directly to DVD – Death to the Supermodels where she played Eva. In 2007, Brooke Burns played Sasha in Urban Decay and in 2008 she had two roles – one in The Art of Travel, as Darlene Loren and one as Kristin Scott in Smoke Jumper, another movie that went directly to DVD. In 2010, Titanic II was released, in its distribution being Brooke Burns as Dr. Kim Patterson.

In television, Brooke Burns had many more roles. She played Peg in Out of the Blue in 1996 and in 1996 Brooke Burns had a small role in Conan the Adventurer and one in Ally McBeal, as Jennifer Higgin. Her role in Baywatch kept her busy until 2001 and among other small roles, she was the host of the show Dog Eat Dog, between 2002 and 2003, and played Nicole Booth in North Shore from 2004 to 2005. Other interesting parts that Brooke Burns had were in television movies – she played Kate Graham in Trophy Wife, Anna Malone in Time and Again, Kristen in Trial by Fire, Jennifer Cullen in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Shannon Barnes in the last television movie role she reprized until now, Mistresses.

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Brooke Burns’ 2010 & 2011 Projects

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Hair Battle Spectacular

What do you get when you pit ten of the best hair stylists in America against each other? The answer is Hair Battle Spectacular. Brooke was the host of Season One of this eight episode competition on Oxygen. The popularity of this show lead to Oxygen renewing it for a second season.

Melrose Place

Burns played Vanessa Mancini on eight episodes of Melrose Place. Other popular cast members of the new version of this show include Ashlee Simpson and Heather Locklear.

You Deserve It

Brooke and Chris Harrison will co-host this ABC quiz show. It comes from the same creator as the smash hit Deal or No Deal. What sets this show apart from others is it has a charitable angle. Contestants on this show will compete to win as much as possible for someone they know is in need of financial help.

Titanic II

Burns played Kim Patterson in this 2010 movie. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t a movie she will bring up when she’s discussing future projects. The reason is it has been given a 1.9 on IMDB by just under 3,000 voters. The movie’s YouTube trailer has also been disliked over 7,000 times.

Anyone who is familiar with the movie’s production company shouldn’t be surprised by its lack of quality. This company is also responsible for Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Sex Pot and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

The Clinic and Fixing Pete

Brooke Burns has lead roles in both of these upcoming 2011 movies. She will play Abbey in The Clinic and Ashley in Fixing Pete.

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Brooke Burns divorce

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There is a lot to be said about some of the great actors and actresses like Brook Burns who even though they do not ask to be a part of the tabloids, they often get their stories on personal life published whether it is fact or not. Brook burns was married to Julian McMahon for two years in 1999 through to 2001 however this marriage like many other American marriages ended in a divorce. Even though this marriage ended as suddenly as it appeared to start there was one good thing that came out of it which was their daughter, Madison McMahon.

Brooks has had a long and very lucrative career with not only TV series parts but also parts in movies since 2001. Shallow Hal was one of her first movies unless you included the Baywatch series that did have movie length episodes. Single White Female 2 was another successful movie and gave her a bog name in movies on screen. After these two movies her movie screening started to drop a few notches in popularity to sequels or B rated movies.

For TV series Brook Burns has been going strong since 1996 at the beginning of her career in the series called Out of the Blue. This series lasted for 22 episodes while the more famous series of Baywatch had Brook appear in 46 episodes out of the several years that the series ran. North Shore was another series that lasted for more than 20 episodes however many other programs like Just Shoot Me or Modern Men gave her single episodes as a guest star.

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Brooke Burns Bio

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No Brook Burns Bio would be complete without an accurate depiction of the actresses contribution to the film and fashion industry. As you might have already guessed, Brooke is an American actress as well as a former fashion model. Her career took off when she joined the cast of the immensely popular television series Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. Born March 16, 1798 in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Brooke studied ballet for twelve years when she was growing up. At the age of fifteen her interested shifted toward modeling after an a skiing accident where she tore her anterior cruciate ligament.

Now in this Brook Burns Bio we’ll look at how her career began. When she turned 16, Brook Burns, along with her family (her parents and her two sisters), moved to Europe. She lived in Paris, Milan as well as Berlin. Burns played Jessie Owens on Baywatch for three straight seasons, from 1998 to 2001. After that, she landed a starring role in the prime-time soap opera North Shore on Fox. It ran for 21 episodes from June 14 until January 13, 2005.

Remember that Batman commercials promoting OnStar in 2001? Brook Burns appeared as Vicki Vale, opposite Bruce Thomas’s Batman. She reprises a role that was made famous by Kim Basinger in the 1989 Batman movie. Other television credits in this Brook Burns bio include roles on Ally McBeal, CSI: Miami, Average Joe, Out of the Blue, To Tell the Truth, Drop Dead Diva, Hawaii, and Just Shoot Me! She has a daughter – Madison Elizabeth McMahon with ex husband Julian McMahon. And she was engaged (briefly) to Bruce Willis in 2003 and 2004.

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Brooke makes a splash in Hollywood

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These days it pays to be diverse in your career just in case something goes wrong in one side of your working life. the celebrities that we see each day know this to be true because places like Hollywood chew up and spit out thousands of people each year in a very cold manner if these people are not up to scratch in the public eye. Brooke burns is one of these many celebrities however her career is still going strong although she is one of the many celebrities who has chosen to pursue several career objectives. Not only is Brooke a top model from years ago but her good looks sprung her into action in the Hollywood and TV scene after she was asked to play one of the characters on the much loved Baywatch series. Her popularity and good acting on the show gave her the opportunity to go a little further with her acting career after the Baywatch series came to a hold which then moved to the Baywatch Hawaii series. A main character on the show Brooke eventually moved on to be one on the more remembered actresses along with Pamela Anderson.

Even though Brooke did not actually play the role of Vicky Vale on the hit movie Batman she was in fact the cover girl on several of the ads that advertised the movie and post movie productions. This was an interesting career move for Brooke Burns which not only gave her a leg up into a brighter future but moved her from the TV actress stereo type to one of an all round actress. Movies are always the next thing for a television actress to move up to however there limited roles and many hundreds of talented actresses are trying out for the parts. The fact that Brooke secured a place in several movies during her ongoing career says that she has great talent and that people everywhere think she has what it takes to be one of our favorite celebrities.

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From Baywatch to movie star

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Brooke Burns was involved with Camp Baywatch while filming the Baywatch series. Brooke was involved with teaching the inner city kids to swim and how to perform life guard duties. It was in 1992 that Greg Bonann, the creator of the television series Baywatch and his friend Richard Mark first talked about having a Baywatch related camp. Tai Collins, a freelance writer asked Bonann if he was serious about running the summer camp. He admitted to Tai Collins that with the pressures of executive producing and directing the Baywatch series that he would not have the time to help develop the summer camp idea.

Tai Collins having a background in mission work and after school programs was able to offer her expertise. Ms Collins was already working with children from the Chernow house homeless shelter. It was her idea to make the camp for the homeless and inner city youth. Tai felt that they were the ones who would benefit the most from a summer camp experience. Some of these children lived in poverty and had gang influences and suffered from violence. A Baywatch themed summer camp would give them the opportunity to develop and discover their dreams. The summer camp would give the children the chance to experience the beach and the fresh air; it would provide for them a wonderful place just to run. They were to be given the opportunity to learn to swim, how to be water safe and to be able to learn CPR. Brooke gave of her time to help the children learn to swim and to know about water safety and life guard duties.

Pepperdine University became the home of the first annual week long camp. They were able to offer programs that started from kindergarten age right up to college age children. The camps made a real difference to the young people involved. They inspired the children to develop their dreams and used sports and positive role models to help develop positive reinforcement. The programs went so far as to offer college scholarships and life skills through jobs. When the Baywatch series ended the foundation took on a new name; A Chance for Children Foundation.

Brooke Burns has been a mentor for Penny Lane, which is a home for abused children. She is also involved with the Life Rolls On Foundation and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Brooke is also the spokesperson for the Give Back a Smile program in which dentists donate their time and expertise to give back the smiles of women who are the victims of domestic violence.

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Soap star Brooke Burns

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Brooke Elizabeth Burns was born in Dallas, Texas on March 16 1978. She is the daughter of Betsy, a homemaker and Brad who works in health care. Brooke has two sisters and was a ballet dancer for twelve years during her childhood. She started modeling when she was fifteen after a skiing accident tore her anterior cruciate ligament. When Brooke was sixteen she and her family moved to Europe. They lived in Paris, Milan and Germany.

Brooke is an American fashion model and actress. One of her most popular roles was on Baywatch and then on Baywatch Hawaii. Brooke has also co-starred on the television series Miss Guided and hosted the game show Hole in the Wall. From 1998 to 2001 Brooke starred in the very popular television series Baywatch and played the character Jessie Owens. She also starred in the prime time soap opera Shore, which ran from 2004 to 2005 and had a total of twenty one episodes. There was a supporting role in the canceled series Pepper Dennis.

Brooke has had roles in Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me!, Out of the Blue, To Tell the Truth, Death to the Supermodels and Average Joe: Hawaii. There was an American version of Dog Eat Dog that ran for two American summer seasons in 2002 and 2003 and Brooke was the hostess of the show. Mortal Kombat saw Brooke playing an ambitious young trainee in the series. For the film Shallow Hall, a part was written just for Brooke after she had auditioned for the Farrelly Brothers. In 2006 Brooke appeared in Trophy Wife a made for television film.

Currently Brooke is co-hosted the series Hole in the Wall with Mark Thompson and has co-starred with Henry Winkler in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. 2009 saw Brooke play the role of Vanessa, the wife of Dr Michael Mancini and the mother of his five year old son named Noah, in Melrose Place.

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Brooke Burns

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Most of us will remember Brooke Burns from the Baywatch series which she starred in during the late 1990s. She was a beautiful lady to have on the team with all the other model life guards in the Baywatch team which meant that she fitted in right away and instantly got her own fan club. Who would know that Brooke is going to be 32 this year since she was born in 1978? Still looking young and fantastic her career has been going smoothly with quite a few events to mention along the way. Burns is an all American girl who was born in Dallas Texas and raised as an American woman. One of her goals in life was to be a great skier however after falling and hurting herself rather badly she had to look for another avenue which was to end up being a model and actress. Her modeling career when very well because of the natural all American look that she had as well as not being the stereotype blonde American which also would have given her an advantage.

Jessie Owens was her character in Baywatch which lasted for about 4 years which was right after she appeared in the Ali McBeal TV series. After Baywatch was over she also did a few one of series like Mortal Combat and Rock me Baby which were not much for her to do in such a long break however her modeling and general celebrity status lead her to quite a few other things to do. For two years Brooke played a lead role in a longer running series called North Shore and then later got into a few TV movies which were movies that only came out on television. Trophy Wife, Time and Again plus Mistresses were all good TV movies which she appeared in and are still playing every so often on certain channels. Single White Female is one of her more famous roles which were another movie that did not make it the big screen but did go straight to DVD. If you like to watch Brooke Burns acting then Single White Female would be the best movie to go see her in which is also a great thriller and fantastic movie.

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