We love Brooke Burns

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Brooke Burns has been a famous actress since she starred in the great 1990s show Baywatch about a group of life guards that looked after a Californian beach. Her character was Jessie who was one of the many sexy life guards that were on duty at the long Californian beach front. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson where also stars in this show who played alongside Brooke Burns. She was unfortunately one of the actresses that did not make it big out of Baywatch like David and Pamela did. Brooke still did a great job on the show even though this may have been just a lead up to what she is going to be in her future.

In the first of the Batman movies, Brooke plays the part of Vicky Vale which is the main role opposite Batman himself. This part was one that suited her well but still there may have been a better choice out there, someone with a little more of a sinister side or look. As an actress Brooke was just as good as any other, if not better for certain roles that she naturally would dominate the acting field in. This particular role has not been found just yet but as they say there is something out there for everyone.

As a girl that appears in many fashion magazines you might say that Brooke is a good looking model with plenty of potential in this field as well. Her luck with the right magazines and professional staff has made her career in modeling go very well so far. Brooke is not the kind of actress or model that you see in the papers for bad reasons lie being drunk in public or exposing her so as actresses go she makes a fine role model for the children.

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